DarkLoader v4.1



DarkLoader enables you to quickly and easily play thief fan mission archives.

DarkLoader is tested with the 1.33 patched version of Thief, the 1.37 version of Thief Gold and the 1.18 patched version of Thief 2.

DarkLoader is an enhancement of the ThiefLoader (v1.5) created by Andrew Bednarz and provides compatibility to existing ThiefLoader installations.

While it has been tested extensivily and works 100% on my machine, I take no responsibilty for any damage it may cause.



Tom N Harris continues the development of DarkLoader. You can find his page at http://www.thiefmissions.com/darkloader







Download DarkLoader_Setup_v4.1.exe (753 KB)



Before you install DarkLoader make sure that your Thief installation is set up to run the original missions (ie no files overriding any crfs).

Users of ThiefLoader or DarkLoader v2.x need to reset to "Original" before switching to this new version!

Once DarkLoader is installed it will take care of any files and it expects a clean original Thief.

When you first start DarkLoader it will open the setup and lets you make your settings.

DarkLoader will automatically backup your saved games and will create a new set of saved games for each mission.

The following files must be present to run DarkLoader:


How to use

DarkLoader is very simple to use. Run the program, select the mission you want to play and press the "PLAY!" button.


New missions

New missions are available from http://www.thiefmissions.com.

Simply download the mission zip file and place it into one of your mission directories (don't extract the zip file). DarkLoader will make the new mission available when it is next run.


Trouble shooting

If a new mission does not work properly try getting "convict.osm" from TEG. If this still does not work try and get the whole DromEd installation. Ensure to use the latest version of the game.


Thief mission zip format

Thief missions are normal ZIP files.

The zip file should contain the mission file, starting at mission 19 or later (miss1-miss18 are already used by Thief Gold and Thief 2).

An "intrface" directory with another directory underneath with your mission name (as set in DromEd). In this directory should be "goals.str" and any map pics you use. A "strings" directory should be included with a "missflag.str" and "titles.str". A "movies" directory will contain any briefings or cutscenes.

The zip files should also contain a text file with the same name as the zip file which contains the information as set out by the TEG.


Example of a single mission (demo1.zip)

demo1.txt (Quest Information)
miss20.mis (Mission 20)
intrface/goals.str (objective descriptions)
intrface/page001.pcx (map picture)
strings/missflag.str (mission flags (missions 1-19 skipped and 20 added))
strings/titles.str (short and long mission titles)


Example of a multi mission archive (hugequest.zip)

hugequest.txt (Quest Information)
miss20.mis (Mission 20)
miss21.mis (Mission 21)
miss22.mis (Mission 22)
movies/B20.AVI (Briefing for mission 20)
movies/B21.AVI (Briefing for mission 21)
movies/B22.AVI (Briefing for mission 22)
movies/C22.AVI (CutScene for mission 22)
intrface/huge1/goals.str (objective descriptions)
intrface/huge1/page001.pcx (map picture)
intrface/huge2/goals.str (objective descriptions)
intrface/huge2/page001.pcx (map picture)
intrface/huge2/page002.pcx (map picture)
intrface/huge2/page003.pcx (map picture)
intrface/huge3/goals.str (objective descriptions)
strings/missflag.str (mission flags (missions 1-19 skipped and 20-23 added))
strings/titles.str (short and long mission titles)



An overview about changes made since previous versions can be found here.



If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please visit the forum or mail me.

You can use DarkLoader without charge but you do it at your own risk.